Filofax Review

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Con Jimmy Dworski is 48-hours away from becoming a freeman, but wins a pair of World Series tickets he won't be out in time to see. With the help of other prisoners he hatches a plan to escape. Jimmystumples upon the treasured filofoax of ad evectutive Spencer Barns and starts living the life of luxury in his mansion.


A by-the-numbers yuppie nightmare comedy, with Jim Belushi breaking out of prison so he can use his free tickets to the World Series, and accidentally acquiring the sacred filofax of adman Charles Grodin, wherupon the film turns into a predictable rerun of all the lesser jokes from Trading Places, After Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Stir Crazy and Crazy People. Sole redeeming feature : Loryn Locklin in a bikini and cool haircut.

The gags are tired and the plot becomes more and more implausible by the minute. Even a reliable performance from Belushi can't save this tatty, heavily referenced screenplay.

Cheesy and predictable with a rare redeeming giggle now and again.