Meet The Suicide Squad: Katana

Image for Meet The Suicide Squad: Katana

Aka: Tatsu Yamashiro
Played by: Karen Fukuhara
Speciality: Swordplay

Katana serves as Rick Flag’s bodyguard. “She has morals and codes,” says Karen Fukuhara. “She can also slice through hundreds of people without taking a breath.” Her look contains hints of her past: her blade’s called Soultaker, and the Japanese characters on her sash translate as, “I weep thinking of him.”

Origins: First appearing in the DCU in 1983 as a creation of Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, she was content to live with her husband and family until her brother-in-law, who had competed for her affections, killed him in a duel with the mysterious, mystical sword known as the Soultaker. Fleeing after her family is also killed, she trained with a master called Tadashi and then travelled to the US in order to fight for justice using the Katana name. She’s often been found as a member of a team called The Outsiders, assembled by Batman during a disagreement with the Justice League. But she has also crossed paths with the Suicide Squad, and is part of the team in the movie.

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