Meet The Suicide Squad: Diablo

Image for Meet The Suicide Squad: Diablo

Aka: Chato Santana
Played by: Jay Hernandez
Speciality: Hellfire

Diablo is a former LA gang member who can summon infernal flames. “Most of these guys are happy to get out there and kill people,” says Hernandez, “but he just wants to stay out of the fight.” His Belle Reve cell is a giant, floodable metal tube: “I got water in my ears, nostrils and sinuses. But it looks great.”

Origins: There have been three characters of differing alignment using the pseudonym El Diablo in the DC Universe, but Chato Santana ended up in Belle Reve prison after burning down a building containing gang members who owed him a debt. Upon discovering that there were innocent women and children inside, he gave himself up to police. On death row, he was forcibly recruited into the Suicide Squad and implanted with a micro-bomb to ensure his obedience. Among his powers is the ability to control fire, which will be handy on squad camping trips.

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