PROMOTION: For The Love Of Spock arrives on Colony

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Fathers and sons have always had a big place in the movies. From To Kill A Mockingbird and Tim Burton's Big Fish to Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade and that bit in Hot Shots! Part Deux where Charlie and Martin Sheen bump into each other, there's been plenty of moments of paternal pride and filial affection to warm the coldest cockles. It's time to make room in the cannon because Adam Nimoy's new documentary, For The Love Of Spock, offers another tender and affecting tribute from a son to his dad. In this case, of course, the dad is Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy.

Main image from For The Love Of SpockChip off the old Spock: a young Adam Nimoy hangs out with his dad on set.

With For The Love Of Spock, Colony presents a loving and rare snapshot of Nimoy's life and relationships, as well as his indelible portrayal of Star Trek’s beloved Vulcan. Timed to coincide with Star Trek's 50th anniversary celebrations and partly narrated by Nimoy's successor in the role of Spock, Zachary Quinto, it features rareties, never-seen-before footage and big names from the Star Trek universe gathered together by Adam Nimoy to show his dad as he really was – both on and off-set.

The tragic death of Nimoy in early 2015 might have tinged the story with unbearable sadness, but his son was determined to use it only to deepen the film's focus. "It was going to be Spock-centric from beginning to end when Dad was alive," explains Nimoy Jr., "but when he passed away there was such a huge outpouring of emotion for the loss not only of Mr. Spock, this iconic character, but this incredible artist, Leonard Nimoy, that we had to expand the film to include his life and legacy as well."

As a tribute to Spock and the man who played him, For The Love Of Spock will thrill not just Trekkies but anyone who's intrigued by what this revered and singular figure was like as a colleague, father and friend. "The primary purpose of the film is a celebration of 50 years of Star Trek and the character of Spock," elaborates Adam Nimoy, "but we have a nice balance of adding in Dad's life and my relationship with my father".

Not every aspect of that journey was as straightforward. As the documentary charts, Nimoy Sr. could be a distant dad, immersed in his work and sometimes closed off to his son. There were addictions to overcome and setbacks in their relationship to negotiate, but what emerges in the film is a candid and honest depiction that is at once universal and unique.

There's plenty to delight fans of the franchise, too. In Vancouver during the filming of Star Trek Beyond, Nimoy Jr. gathered cast members and found nothing but love from Quinto, J.J. Abrams, Simon Pegg and the rest of the USS Enterprise's current complement for the original Spock. "The biggest thing that impacted me is the tremendous amount of feeling that people had about my dad," he reveals. All of them, as well as Nimoy's fellow Federation member William Shatner. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is on hand to explain how Nimoy's influence extended even into the scientific community. He truly did live long and prosper.

For The Love Of Spock is available to stream on Colony, a global video on demand streaming platform connecting film lovers to quality films and behind the scenes extras. Among its bumper selection of behind-the-scenes extras are clips, shorts and additional interviews. Watch it here.