28 Must-Pause Moments From The New Iron Man 3 Trailer

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The new Iron Man 3 trailer set the movie-loving internet figuratively aflame yesterday, causing nerdy squee-ing across all seven continents. In fact, there were so many incredible what-the-how-the moments over its 270 second runtime we decided to collate them all for you in this handy click-a-long-a-trailer feature, complete with informed guesswork and several attempts at humour. So click on, spoiler-hunter, if you dare…

So it turns out Tony’s old flame – and one of the co-inventors of the Extremis virus – Dr. Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall) is in his Malibu mansion when The Mandarin attacks with his horde of killer rocket-choppers. You’ll get a clearer shot of her before she’s hurt later on in the trailer. Perhaps she’s the person with the feminine face in the [POSSIBLE SPOILER] Iron Man armour seen in this Lego set.

Tony sleeps in his observatory now. Also, this is what a suit of armour looks like if you order it in the mail and chuck it all out on the floor.

This is what Tony Stark looks like when he’s sad. This is not a regular emotion for your favourite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

This is our first shot of The President, Sal Kennedy, as played by William Sadler (of Die Hard 2 and The Shawshank Redemption fame). Presumably – and this depends on whether his character survives, of course – this will be a regular gig for Sadler over the coming Marvel movies (with or without his Air Force One).

A combat knife and a dogtag. This harkens back to Captain America: The First Avenger and The Mandarin's character poster. Note the bright blue combat helmets in that particualr one-sheet and look out for some Steven Rogers references later…

This looks like Grauman's Chinese Theatre, which would make sense with The Mandarin’s oriental credentials.

That tattoo on The Mandarin’s neck looks a lot like something Cap’ would consider getting – if the shield slinger would do something as scandalous as getting inked, anyway. It’s a wonder why The Mandarin has it, though… what’s his connection with Cap’? Could he be old enough to have been about in World War II? Surely not.

Who’s this long haired shady character? Pepper Potts, perhaps?

The infamous 10 Rings, close up. He probably does a mean Frank "House Of Cards" Underwood ring-to-desk tap – and an even better knuckle (duster) sandwich.

It wouldn’t be an Iron Man movie without a press scrum. Them’s the rules. Also, is this a hospital? Is this where Pepper and/or Maya end up post mansion explosion?

This is a guess, but this looks like Pakistan or Afghanistan – it certainly resembles the scene where Tony takes on a tank in the first movie. Perhaps this is somewhere The Mandarin committed one of his acts of terrorism, an execution of the boy Iron Man saved from the first film perhaps, and this is the memorial area. All guesses, mind…

From the looks of things, Tony’s wine cellar isn’t like your wine cellar (if you have a wine cellar, in which case good for you). Is this before or after the attack? Are these suits the Marks I-VI or fresh ferrous metal?

If this is footage of Marks I-VI blowing up, what are the suits we’ve seen in the latest Tony poster?

Some fine hydraulic ram work here. Also, MEGA BUNNY!

These armour-from-nowhere shots are Extrem-ly interesting. A ha ha. Ha ha.

After a big heap of Audis got bashed up in the Iron Monger fight in the first movie, Tony’s beloved piece of vorsprung durch technic gets dunked into the pacific in yet another damage-centric piece of product placement.

When Tony desuits from his new iron duds into the white stuff, it makes the weirdest snow angel.

Is this long-haired blonde chap the shadowy bloke from earlier, doing parkour, or judo, or… something?

They’ve captured Pepper. But is this her being Extremis-ificated? The other guys in similar over-the-shoulder rollercoaster gear seen in the upcoming slide seem pretty happy to be there…

Guy Pearce’s evil scientist Aldrich Killian (with secret service-like bodyguards) oversees something he’s very proud of: six half naked blokes in their undercrackers. Wait a sec, is that a surprisingly red-haired Pepper, second on the right?

It looks like Anton Chigurh from No Country From Old Men has some competition in the homemade-weaponry front.

Is this Tony getting the Extremis virus? Or just having his arc reactor moved a smidge?

Tony is using one of his palm-based repulsor beams in addition to an uzi here. Has something gone rather wrong if he’s resorting to regular bullet-based weaponry?

The Mandarin has two curved knives and a cloak that says “redeemed through blood”. Good for him.

Tony jumps into a suit mid-air - because if you thought that briefcase trick in The Avengers was cool, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Tony is wearing an Advanced Idea Mechanics T-shirt, which will mean a lot to fans of the comic-books… Keep everything crossed MODOK isn’t involved somehow.

Good friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Could this be…. a hulkbuster suit? Oh my.