The Inbetweeners Vs Glee: A Teen Comedy Face-Off

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They are, on their respective sides of the Atlantic, phenomena. Glee has become perhaps the biggest show in America, turning all its stars into instant sensations, relaunching pop careers and dominating the music charts in a way that probably has Simon Cowell weeping salt tears into his remote control. The Inbetweeners, meanwhile, has been a British sensation, becoming essential water-cooler conversation around the country and introducing strange words like “clunge” into the language. As The Inbetweeners Movie and Glee The 3D Concert Movie hit cinemas in the same week, we thought we’d assess the two and see how they match up...

![]%28/images/uploaded/the-glee-cast.jpg%29 Stats 3 seasons plus a movie and a Comic Relief special. 2 seasons and a concert movie %28and concert tour%29 to date, with a third season due to start soon. Setting Rudge Park Comprehensive, UK William McKinley High, Lima, Ohio, US Our Heroes A white, lower middle-class bunch of hopeless incompetents obsessed with getting their end away. A racially, sexually diverse bunch of attractive and hugely talented Broadway stars high-school 'losers' who form a glee club. The Aim Getting laid and, for preference, also getting drunk. Proving they're not losers via the medium of musical numbers. No, we don't know how that works either. The Authority Figure ![]%28 Sarcastic sixth-form head Mr Gilbert %28Greg Davies%29. Towering gym teacher and cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester %28Jane Lynch%29. ![]%28 Breakout Star James Buckley, who plays Jay with equal amounts of bravado and vulnerability. Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel with grace, subtlety and lashings of wit. The Dance Style The robot, courtesy of Neil Sullivan %28Blake Harrison%29. Broadway! Social Peril Vomit all over the place. Slushie to the face. Theme Tune Gone Up In Flames by Morning Runner. Anything by Journey; let's go with Don't Stop Believing. Chances Of Sex Occurring Low. No one's really getting any. Moderate %28students%29 to high %28adults%29. Political Correctness Score Zero 100% Chances Of Gwyneth Paltrow Turning Up Zero 100% Chances Of A Knob Joke In Any Five Minutes Of Viewing Time 100% 5% Which Future Generations Will It Inspire? Next wave of British comedy stars, Brit pop bands, fans of awkward situations. Next wave of Broadway stars, American popsters, fans of Journey.