You're Gonna Need A Bigger... Potato?

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It is Jaws' signature line, a moment of fear, amazement, common sense and deadpan understatement all wrapped up together. The line is famously an ad-lib by Scheider — “There was the freedom to invent and have a little fun,” the actor remembered — and following a preview in Dallas, Spielberg gave it more prominence in the sound mix to make sure it was heard over the audience hubbub following the short shark shock. The dialogue has been imported wholesale by movies (Are We Done Yet?, Blow, Clerks, Evil Aliens, New Year’s Eve, Spy Kids 2) and TV (Bones, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Friends, House MD, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Nip/Tuck, Stargate: Atlantis, Weeds) but tweaked for comedy variations by — in alphabetical order of subject — the following...

"a bigger arrow" — Angel "a bigger bed" — Modern Family "a bigger board" — The Closer "a bigger body bag" — CSI Miami "a bigger bra" — Skins "bigger buns" — Calendar Girls "a bigger balloon" — Charmed "a bigger cave" — Batman & Robin "a bigger gun" — Torchwood "a bigger helicopter" — Dinoshark "a bigger knife" — Abominable "a bigger plane" — 2012 "a bigger potato" —Aliens In The Attic "a bigger ship" — Star Wars The Clone Wars "a bigger sink" — Two And A Half Men "a bigger sub" — Shark Hunter "a bigger tank" — Frankenstein "a bigger truck" —The Comebacks