Game Of Thrones: the best moments so far

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Today marked the first week for a while where we didn't have an episode of Game Of Thrones to wake up to. So, as we begin the long wait until the show returns next year, Empire looks back, in no particular order, at some of our favourite moments so far.

Spoilers obviously follow!

Bran gets defenestrated

Arguably the first really surprising moment: both in the TV series and the novels. A ten-year-old boy is pushed from a high window, and it's suddenly not the generic fantasy you thought it was...

The golden crown

The grisly end of Viserys Targaryen, who learns rather late that you should be careful what you wish for.

Ned Stark loses his head

The climax of the first season, and a stark (pun intended) lesson that nobody's survival was guaranteed.

The Walk of Shame

A humiliating ordeal for Cersei at the bidding of the High Sparrow and his minions. Revenge for this was going to be spectacular...

Hold the door!

A massive revelation that suddenly arrived out of nowhere. Suddenly the mystery of Hodor was solved. Jaws were dropped.

The Red Wedding

Speaking of jaws dropping, TV audiences who weren't up to speed with the novels could not believe what just happened.

The Mountain v The Viper

Epic arena combat between Gregor Clegane and Oberyn Martel. And all looks as if it's going so well for Oberyn...

The Blackwater

Tyrion's chops as a military strategist are put to full use in the spectacular destruction of an entire fleet.

Cersei kills everyone

Here's that revenge we mentioned earlier. The kegs of unused wildfire beneath King's Landing had been set up seasons ago. Cersei took them and put them to good use. Well, perhaps not 'good'... but shockingly satisfying.

Xaro's vault

An early example of Daenerys' ruthlessness. After Xaro and Doreah betray her, she locks them both in Xaro's beloved treasure vault: essentially walling them both up alive.

The Purple Wedding

Another terrible wedding ceremony, although in this case the result from the audience was likely cheers rather than gasps of horror. Goodbye, Joffrey!

The fall of Lysa

No longer of any use to Littlefinger, Lysa Arryn is summarily dispatched through the Eyrie's unique mode of execution, the Moon Door.

The death of Ygritte

A moving farewell to a popular character, and our final chance to hear that catchphrase.

Tyrion kills Tywin

Years of psychological and emotional abuse reach their morose conclusion in a lavatory stall with a crossbow.

Jon Snow "dies"

Like anyone really believed he was gone forever.

Arya goes blind

Arya's trials in the House Of Black And White become more difficult, as yet another transgression results in the loss of her eyes.

The Battle of Castle Black

A full episode of carnage at the Wall. Neil Marshall returned (having directed the Blackwater episode) to orchestrate Game Of Thrones' most spectacular battle to date, although it was later surpassed by...

The Battle of the Bastards

Two years later, gauntlet duly thrown by Marshall, Miguel Sapochnik orchestrated this thrilling, chaotic, exhausting, exhilarating barney between Jon Snow's meagre forces and those of Ramsay Bolton. Nothing short of spectacular.

Ramsay's death

Ramsay finally gets his overdue comeuppance, and it's as delightfully gruesome as you'd hope. Great moment for Sansa too. That final smirk is priceless.

Tyrion’s trial

A raging oration from Tyrion, forced to defend himself at his own trial. "I didn't kill Joffrey, but I wish I had!" You wouldn't necessarily say he was doing himself many favours, but he knows it's all futile anyway.

The Hound’s chickens

And we end with Sandor Clegane. Frankly, any scene with The Hound is a 'best moment', but this is possibly the one to rule them all. "You're a talker..."

Although, y'know, also this: