The Fast And Furious Franchise's 7 Most Insane Stunts

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As well as being both fast and furious, the Fast And Furious franchise is also UTTERLY BONKERS, full of set-pieces so preposterous, you can't believe what you're watching. Which you don't. In a good way. Here are just seven - to tie in with the upcoming Fast And Furious 7, you see - of the best stunts so far...

7: The Charger Smash (The Fast And The Furious, 2001)

In the first film’s climactic drag race, following an airborne near miss with a train, Dom’s Dodge Charger gets t-boned by a truck, flips and sails sideways over Brian’s Toyota Supra.

6: The Boat Jump (2 Fast 2 Furious, 2003)

Old-school jumping with a bit of CG enhancement: Brian hurls his ’69 Chevy Camaro an unlikely distance off the road and onto a passing yacht.

5: Freeway Flying (Fast & Furious 6, 2013)

On a Spanish freeway, Roman flies from his Mustang just as it’s pulverised by a tank, while slightly later Dom saves Letty with some unlikely mid-air physics.

4: ‘Safe' Driving (Fast & Furious 5, 2011)

Brian and Dom career through the streets of Rio with a massive metal safe suspended between their twin Dodge Chargers. Destruction is liberally forthcoming.

3: Tanker Chicken (Fast & Furious, 2009)

Caught between the edge of a cliff and a barrel-rolling burning oil tanker, Dom and Letty choose to stay on the road and squeak their Buick narrowly underneath the spinning inferno.

2: The Runway Roll (Fast & Furious 6, 2013)

Dom jumps a Dodge Charger out of the nose of an exploding plane, flipping it half a dozen times when he hits the tarmac. ‘Tis but a scratch!

1: The Chasm Plummet (Fast & Furious 5, 2011)

The spiffy Corvette Stingray first exits a moving train through an exploding hole in its side and then does a Thelma & Louise into a deep gorge with Brian and Dom freefalling behind.