Classic Scene #34: Way Out West

Image for Classic Scene #34: Way Out West

Stan: You know what? I think we’ve given that deed to the wrong woman. That’s the first mistake we’ve made since that guy sold us the Brooklyn Bridge.

Ollie: Oh, buying that bridge was no mistake. That’s gonna be worth a lot of money to us someday!

Stan: Well, maybe you’re right. We’d better go and get the deed.

Ollie: Say! Maybe they won’t give it back to us.

Stan: What do you mean they won’t give it back to us? We’ll get that deed, or I’ll eat your hat.

Ollie: That’s what I call determination!

Some time later...

Ollie: You said that if we didn’t get the deed that you’d eat my hat.

Stan: Oh, now you’re taking me illiterally.

Ollie: Nevertheless, I’m going to teach you not to make rash promises. Eat the hat...

Stan: (Crying) I’ve never eaten a hat before.

(Bites, chews, gulps, cries...Considers the taste...Tucks a kerchief into his collar...Salts the hat...Ollie snatches the hat back and furtively takes a nibble. Grimaces, spits it out and puts the chomped hat back on his head)...