Classic Scene #58: In Which We Serve

Image for Classic Scene #58: In Which We Serve

CAPTAIN KINROSS: Come a little closer (the men shuffle towards him)... I have to say goodbye to the few of you who are left. We had so many talks, and this is our last. I’ve always tried to crack a joke or two before, and you’ve all been friendly and laughed at them. But today, I’m afraid I’ve run out of jokes; and I don’t suppose any of us feels much like laughing.

The Torrin has been in one scrap after another, but even when we’ve had men killed, the majority survived and brought the old ship back. Now, she lies in 1,500 fathoms. And with her, more than half our shipmates. If they had to die, what a grand way to go! For now they lie all together with the ship we loved and they’re in very good company. We’ve lost her, but they’re still with her.

There may be less than half the Torrin left. But I feel that we all take up the battle with even stronger heart; each of us knows twice as much about fighting, and each of us has twice as much reason to fight.

You will all be sent to replace men who’ve been killed in other ships. And the next time you’re in action, remember the Torrin. (He’s on the verge of tears) I should like to add that there isn’t one of you that I wouldn’t be proud and honoured to serve with again. Goodbye and good luck. And thank you all from the bottom of my heart...