Classic Scene #32: Salvador

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Priest: You follow in the way of Christ?

Boyle: Uhhh...n-n-not exactly. I mean in my heart, yes, but...I’ve done a lot know...kind know carnal sins and a lot of, uh, drunk a lot of alcohol, and done some drugs. I’ve kind of weaseled around a lot in my life, you know, trying to get the edge all the time. But basically I would say that I’m a good-hearted person. I haven’t really done anything malicious in my life. Um, I haven’t done anything really very great in my life either. You know, tried to do some things, tried to find some truths. But I do love this woman. For her, I...

Priest: You’re willing to change for this woman?

Boyle: For this woman, I’m willing to change. I mean, not just...I mean I would...if God gave me this woman, then there must be a God. So if he knows what’s right, then I would do what’s right by Him.

Priest: It’s repent. Change your ways.

Boyle: That’s gonna be a little tough. You know? I...

Priest: You love this woman, you will be willing to change.

Boyle: Okay...I can still drink and take a few hits of a joint or something once in a while, all right? That’s okay?

Priest: Twelve Our Fathers, ten Hail Mary’s, an Act Of Contrition.

Boyle: That’s it?

Priest: Ask the Lord for forgiveness...from your heart.

Boyle: From my heart, huh. If I’d known this I would have come earlier, you know, before 33 years, you know?

Priest: You should have come earlier, yes.

Boyle: I’ll come back!