Classic Scene #28: Do The Right Thing

Image for Classic Scene #28: Do The Right Thing

Why you got so much anger in you? Do your friends put money in your pocket, Pino? Food on your table? Do they pay your rent, a roof over your head? Huh? They’re not your friends. If they were your friends they wouldn’t laugh at ya. I never had no trouble with these people. I sat in this window, I’ve watched these little kids get old. And I seen the old people get older. Yeah, sure some of them don’t like us, but most of them do. I mean, for Christ’s sake, Pino, they grew up on my food. On my food. And I’m very proud of that. Now, you may think it’s funny, but I’m very proud of that. Look, what I’m trying to say, son, is, uh, Sal’s Famous Pizzeria is here to stay. I’m sorry. I’m your father and I love ya, I’m sorry. But that’s the way it is…

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