Classic Scene #33: Miller's Crossing

Image for Classic Scene #33: Miller's Crossing

Bernie: I-I-I’m just a grafter, huh, Tom? I-I’m, I’m a nobody. But I tell you what. I never crossed a friend, Tom. I never killed anybody, I never crossed a friend, nor you, I’ll bet. (Pointing to where the heavies are waiting.) We’re not like those animals. This is not us! This is a dream! (Screaming.) It’s a dream, Tommy, I’m praying to you! I can’t die! (Sobbing.) I can’t die! Out here in the woods... like a dumb animal! In the woods like a dumb animal! Like a, like a dumb animal... I can’t die... I can’t die... I can’t die out here in the woods like a dumb animal. I can’t (He falls to his knees.)... die! (He bows, sobbing.) I’m praying to you! Look in your heart. Look into your heart. (He repeats this like a chant. Tom raises the gun.) I’m praying to you. Look in your heart. (Tom takes aim.) Look in your heart. Look in your heart. (Tom shoots. Bernie opens his eyes.)

Bernie: Tommy...

Tom: Shut up. You’re dead. Get me?

Bernie: I understand. I’m dead. God bless you.

Tom: Shut up. You have to disappear. You have to blow for good. No one can see you. No one can know.

Bernie: God bless you.

Tom: Go somewhere no one knows you. Anyone sees you, you really are dead. I don’t care. You’re not my problem any more.

Bernie: Of course not. Of course not. You’ve done your share. Thank you. Don’t worry.

Tom: Shut up.

Bernie: I understand.

Tom: Shut up.

Bernie: Thank you.

Tom: Shut up. Just get out of here before I change my mind...