Classic Scene #27: Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

Image for Classic Scene #27: Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

BUTCH: Kid, the next time I saw let’s go some place like Bolivia, let’s go some place like Bolivia.

SUNDANCE: Next time. Ready?

BUTCH: (Suddenly inspired) No. We’ll jump!

SUNDANCE: Like hell we will!

BUTCH: No, it’ll be okay – if the water’s deep enough and we don’t get squished to death. They’ll never follow us.

SUNDANCE: How do you know?

BUTCH: Would you make a jump like that, you didn’t have to?

SUNDANCE: I have to and I’m not gonna.

BUTCH: But we got to. Otherwise we’re dead. They’re just gonna have to go back down the same way they come. Come on.

SUNDANCE: Just one clear shot, that’s all I want.

BUTCH: Come on.


BUTCH: We got to.

SUNDANCE: Nope! Get away from me.


SUNDANCE: I wanna fight ‘em!

BUTCH: They’re kill us!


BUTCH: You wanna die?


BUTCH: All right. (Unbuckling his gunbelt) I’ll jump first.


BUTCH: Then you jump first.

SUNDANCE: (Hoarsely) No I said!

BUTCH: What’s a matter with you?

SUNDANCE: (Yelling, embarrassed) I CAN’T SWIM!

BUTCH: (stares in disbelief, then laughs uproariously) Why you crazy?

The fall’ll probably kill ya!

SUNDANCE: Ohhhhh… (grabs the other end of Butch’s gunbelt and they jump) ohhh… shiiiiiit!