Classic Scene #59: The Apartment

Image for Classic Scene #59: The Apartment

MISS KUBELIK: Mr. Baxter! Mr. Baxter! Mr. Baxter! Mr. Baxter! (She pounds on the door)

(Baxter comes to the door holding a frothing bottle of champagne)

MISS KUBELIK: Oh. Are you all right?

BAXTER: (Somewhat surprised) I’m fine!

MISS KUBELIK: Are you sure? How’s your knee?

BAXTER: I’m fine all over.

MISS KUBELIK: Oh. (Sighs) Would you mind if I come in?

BAXTER: Of course not.

(They go in and he shuts the door)

BAXTER: Let me get another glass.

MISS KUBELIK: (Seeing that he’s been packing) Where are you going?

BAXTER: Oh, who knows... Another neighbourhood. Another town. Another job. I’m on my own.

MISS KUBELIK: That’s funny, so am I. What did you do with the cards?

BAXTER: In there (He points to one of the packing cases and she digs out a pack of playing cards. They sit on the sofa. He pours the champagne while she shuffles)... What about Mr. Sheldrake?

MISS KUBELIK: We can send him a fruitcake every Christmas. (She hands him the pack) Cut. (He takes one)

BAXTER: I love you Miss Kubelik. (She pretends not to hear him)

MISS KUBELIK: Three... Queen.

BAXTER: Did you hear what I said, Miss Kubelik? I absolutely adore you. (She continues to ignore him and takes his card back, shuffling it into the pack, which she then hands to him)

MISS KUBELIK: Shut up and deal...