The Best Of Bond's Cars

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Join us for a look back at the best of the Bond Cars.

Aston Martin DB5

Featured in: Goldfinger, Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, Goldeneye, Casino Royale

Sean Connery posing with the Aston Martin DB5

The car that started it all. The Aston featured throughout Goldfinger, but the more iconic scenes were when Bond infiltrated Goldfinger's factory, using most of the 'hi-tech' gadgets on the unsuspecting henchmen.

Engine - 3,995 cc (243.8 cu in) inline-6 Power - 282 bhp Weight - 1,502 kg (3,310 lb) Top Speed - 141 mph 0-60 MPH - 8.1 seconds Q Modifications - Machine guns, ejector seat, bullet shield, oil slicks, wheel blades, homing-device locater

Lotus Espirit

Featured in: The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only

The Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me

Who could forget the underwater car? In a scene that left an impression on boy racers of all ages and possibly several cars sitting at the bottom of lakes, Bond escapes pursuers by driving his car into the sea, where the car converts into a submarine, blows up a helicopter with a sea to air missile, then drives onto a beach in front of stunned onlookers!

Engine - 2.2l Slant Four Power - 160bhp Weight - Less than 1000kg Top Speed - 138mph 0-60 MPH - 6.8 seconds Q Modifications - Submersible, concrete sprayer, missiles, mines

Aston Martin Volante/Vantage

Featured in: The Living Daylights

The Aston Martin Volante in The Living Daylights In a welcome return for the Aston, Bond utilises tire spikes and skis to drive the car across snow and ice, and in a nod to Ben-Hur, has lasers in the hub caps which cut his assailants' car in two!

Engine - 5.3l V8 Power - 305bhp Weight - 1814kg Top Speed - 150mph 0-60 MPH - 6.7 seconds Q Modifications - Bullet proof windows, retractable ski outriggers for snow driving, retractable studs in the tires for grip, rocket booster, guided missile system and a targeting display, cutting laser mounted in the hubcaps, self-destruct system.


Featured in: Goldeneye

BMW Z3 as featured in Goldeneye

The first time a BMW is featured as the Bond car, and Bond uses it to drive through Jamaica. That's about it. None of the gadgets were used for budgetary reasons.

Engine - 1.9l Straight 4 Power - 138bhp Weight - 1220kg Top Speed - 116mph (limited) 0-60 MPH - 8.1 seconds Q Modifications - Stinger missiles, all points radar system with display, self-destruct system, parachute braking system.

BMW 750 iL

Featured in: Tomorrow Never Dies

BMW 750 iL as featured in Tomorrow Never Dies

This unlikely family-saloon actually made for one of the most memorable car chases in Bond history, as 007 drives via remote control on his cell-phone from the back seat of the car.

Engine - 5.4l V12 Power - 322bhp Weight - 2048kg Top Speed - 155mph (limited) 0-60 MPH - 6.5 seconds Q Modifications - Rockets, re-inflating tyres, hood mounted chain cutter, bulletproof body and windows, 20,000 volt defence system, magnetic flash grenades, tear-gas, metal spike dispenser, hidden glove-compartment safe, remote control via cell phone.


Featured in: The World is Not Enough

BMW Z8 as featured in The World Is Not Enough

Turned up, blew up a helicopter, got split in half. That ends BMW's three film deal then.

Engine - 4.9l V8 Power - 400bhp Weight - 1585kg Top Speed - 155mph (limited) 0-60 MPH - 4.2 seconds Q Modifications - Surface to air missiles, remote control

Aston Martin Vanquish

Featured in: Die Another Day

The Aston Martin Vanquish in Die Another Day

A great looking car which was probably more memorable for the fact you couldn't see it... the invisibility cloak is one of the most controversial Bond gadgets yet to feature in the series. Love it or hate it, it left quite an impression.

Engine - 5.9l V12 Power - 520bhp Weight - 1875kg Top Speed - 196mph 0-60 MPH - 4.3 seconds Q Modifications - Machine guns, heat-seeking missiles, invisibility cloak!

Aston Martin DBS

Featured in: Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace

The Aston Martin DBS

Bond gets his 00 licence and upgrades from a Mondeo to this souped-up DB9. It saves his life when he's poisoned by Le Chiffre, and shortly thereafter Bond repays the favour by rolling it 12 times in a high speed pursuit.

Engine - 6.0l V12 Power - 510bhp Weight - 1690kg Top Speed - 191mph 0-60 MPH - 4.3 seconds Q Modifications - Remote defibrillator in the glove box.

Citroen 2CV

Featured in: For Your Eyes Only

Citroen 2CV in For Your Eyes Only

With his Lotus blowing itself to bits, Bond is forced to commandeer this lacklustre family car to escape his would be assassins. His expression upon seeing the car says it all!

Engine - .602l twin cylinder Power - 29bhp Weight - 560kg Top Speed - 73mph 0-60 MPH - 29.8 seconds Unmodified Extras - Great mileage, comically soft suspension, inability to negotiate hills, chick magnet