Amazon: what to watch in September

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The best TV shows on Amazon Prime

The Collection – Season 1, Episode 1- (2/9/16/23/30 September)

What it might lack in subtlety, The Collection should make up for in high passions and clashing fashion dynasties. Even Derek Zoolander would find the fashion scene of late-'40s Paris depicted in this new eight-part Amazon original a little obsessive. It stars Richard ‘Coupling’ Coyle and Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons) as a pair of battling brothers who go all Cain-and-Abel on the Parisian haute couture scene. “He is a brilliant businessman,” Coyle elaborates of his character, “[and] I think he is a gangster in some ways and a romantic and a thug.” Eat your heart out, Mugatu.

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One Mississippi – Season 1, Episodes 1-4 (9/16/23/30 September)

This comedy-drama created by and starring US comedian Tig Notaro deals with a woman returning to her hometown in Mississippi after her mother's sudden death, carrying some ailments of her own. It's already built positive buzz, with early word suggesting that it'll be raw and emotional in the spirit of Transparent. Fans of Louis take note, it's got Louis C.K. involved as an executive producer.

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Manhattan – Season 2, Episodes 1-10 (1 September)

Into its second (and final) season, Manhattan is set in the dusty climes of Alamos, New Mexico, where a secret US government programme tries to cobble together an A-bomb before the Nazis manage it. The scientists within (including The Big C’s John Benjamin Hickey) are forced to keep this deepest of secrets from even their nearest and dearest, let alone that suspicious-looking German man in the trenchcoat. As looks at America's atomic programme go, expect it to be a teeny bit more realistic than Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

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Transparent – Season 3, 23 September

Arguably the best of all Amazon's original programming, Jill Soloway's bittersweet comedy is back for a well-deserved third run. Jeffrey Tambor's retired college professor is inching closer to gender confirmation surgery, while other members of the Pfefferman clan face challenges that promise to come to a head with a family cruise to Mexico. Emmys and Golden Globes may follow close behind.

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Crisis In Six Scenes – 30 September

It's comedy month on Amazon Prime and Woody Allen is joining the party. The Woodster has created Crisis In Six Scenes, a six-episode show set in the '60s. It's during this rocky patch in US history that a middle-class family from the suburbs is "visited by a guest who turns their household completely upside down". Could this be Woody himself, rocking up with a keg and an appetite for destruction? Probably not, but we'll find out on 30 September.

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The best movies on Amazon Prime

Gone With The Wind – 1 September

Gloriously epic, full of big emotions and swirling passions and about 14 hours long, Gone With The Wind is still the biggest grossing movie in the history of the world. Its arrival on Amazon means more coins in the coffers and another chance to see Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Hattie McDaniel, George Reeves and a cast of literally thousands endure war, peace, love, death and unnecessarily large staircases.

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An American In Paris – 8 September

Only the truly stony of heart wouldn't celebrate the arrival of a Gene Kelly musical on their local streaming service. This one, in which he plays an American in, well, Paris, teams the star with Vincente Minnelli and co-star Leslie Caron for a feast of riotous colours, big sets and real-life locations. George Gershwin wrote the music and Kelly choreographed the dance numbers, including one 17-minute ballet that cost a cool half-mill on its own.

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Westworld – 8 September

As HBO’s Westworld miniseries takes shape, here's a timely resurfacing for Michael Crichton's entertaining 1973 sci-fi. It's set in a titular Western-themed amusement park where a pair of wannabe cowboys (James Brolin and Richard Benjamin) are treated to all the fun and saloon-bar frivolity the Ol' West can offer. Until, that is, robot Yul Brynner malfunctions and begins remorselessly hunting them down. They didn't put that in the small print, did they?

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Room – 9 September

A star-making indie for both Oscar-nominee Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, Room is not going to offer a cosy night in on the sofa this month. Lenny Abrahamson's abduction drama is well-worth sitting down with, though, if you didn't catch it in cinemas and you've managed to stay spoiler-free for the past eight months. Both leads are mesmerising as a mother and son struggling to readjust after seven years in an enclosed space.

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Safe House – 14 September

Denzel. Ryan. Lots of men with guns. These are the basic ingredients of an espionage thriller that doesn't get anywhere nearer breaking the bounds of genre – or even particularly try to – but does all the usual stuff (car chases, shoot-outs, narrow escapes) with aplomb. Its director, Daniel Espinosa, is reuniting with Ryan Reynolds for the intriguing-sounding sci-fi Life. Here's a chance to see his first big Hollywood break.

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End Of Watch – 22 September

This crackerjack cop thriller pairs two smart-mouthed beat cops played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, the Lemmon and Matthau of the LAPD, as they patrol the city’s meanest streets. A twist on the formula is provided by the Camcorder footage Gyllenhaal's cop is filming. It's not, strictly speaking, logical (who's editing all this?) but it's sure as heck an adrenaline rush. The tension cranks up as the pair cross paths with some very serious criminals.

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Boogie Nights – 22 September

Paul Thomas Anderson's porn-sterpiece has been a fixture on DVD shelves since it came out, but it adds Amazon to its conquests this month. Marvel at Dirk Diggler's (Mark Wahlberg) unquenchable ambition to rise to the top of the porn industry in the face of rivals, drugs, random violence and endless disco music. Refamiliarise yourself with all that, a mighty Julianne Moore performance and Burt Reynolds' Oscar-nominated renaissance from 22 September.

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The Assassin – 23 September

Hou Hsiao-Hsien's painterly martial-arts epic polarised people when it landed in cinemas. Some found its lush period detailing, gorgeous costumes, meticulous characterisations and the subtle currents of its storytelling utterly entrancing; some found it a bit boring. It arrives on Amazon Prime this month, offering you the perfect chance to judge for yourself. #TeamMasterpiece and #TeamSnooze await your decision.

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Frantic – 29 September

Paris expands its remit from 'city of lovers' to 'city of panic-stricken tourists' in Roman Polanski's breathless '80s thriller. Harrison Ford endures a traumatic dry run for The Fugitive as a jetlagged MD whose wife (Betty Buckley) is abducted from their hotel room. Unfortunately, unlike Bryan Mills, his particular set of skills are almost entirely concerned with making people better rather than punching them to death, so he’s a little out of his depth in the violent conspiracy he stumbles upon.

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Spotlight – 30 September

This year's big winner at the Oscars comes to Amazon at the end of the month, bringing with it universally high-quality character acting, needle-sharp screenwriting and an storyline full of passion and conviction. The Boston Globe's finest take on the might of the Catholic Church in a recreation of its true-life campaign to uncover the cover-up of pedophile priests in the early noughties. If you haven't seen it, now's your chance.

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Trumbo – 30 September

Is Walter White really Walter Red? That's the question posed by a Dalton Trumbo biopic that sees Bryan Cranston's scribe fending off both the commie-baiting McCarthyite hordes and Helen Mirren's nasty tabloid hack as they try to claim he’s actually a closet communist. The film crosscuts his struggles with the witchhunt with his screenwriting glories (Spartacus and Roman Holiday among them) and an occasionally complex home-life. Well, maybe not Breaking Bad-complex, but hardly simple either.

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Youth – 30 September

Paolo Sorrentino's quirky autumnal drama is set among the rarified air and cowbells of an Alpine health retreat. Michael Caine is on top form as a retired composer raising a world-weary eyebrow to a cast of characters that includes Paul Dano's method actor, a supermodel and Diego Maradona. Well, we did say it was quirky.

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