8 Alternative Reasons Why Pixar Are Awesome

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Today Pixar Animation celebrates its 25th birthday and to celebrate we’ve corralled together some of the finest viral tributes to the studio’s quarter century of movie magic. We imagine Pixar should have this whole throwing-a-party business sewn up, what with a few bajillion dollars to spend on cake and a ready supply of balloons, but here’s our way of saying happy birthday to Emeryville’s finest.

The perfection of Pixar spliced together with a splash of Louis Armstrong, a helping of indie maestros XX and enough Peter Gabriel to make us want to run out and rewatch Wall-E straight away. Seven minutes of tears, laughter and lederhosen’ed hedgehogs.

With doughty wilderness explorer Russell for company, marvel as Carl Frederickson (Spencer Tracy) battles evil adventurer Charles F. Muntz (Kirk Douglas) at a variety of spectacular locations! Here’s what Up might have looked like in 1965.

Inspired by Studio Ghibli’s 3D zoetrope, Pixar decided to make their own. Unsurprisingly, it’s kinda awesome. Judging by that Toy Story 3 cameo, somewhere along the line they arranged a Totoro exchange programme too.

What if John Lasseter was evil? The link below, courtesy of the ever-mighty Onion, is what would might be going on behind the scenes of a sinister other-world where Pixar was spelt P.I.X.A.R. and had overall-clad henchmen for animators.

"I've Got You Dumb {CENSORED} Eating Right Out Of My Hand" By John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer, Pixar. NSFW, by the way. Seriously, kids, you've been warned...

Take one Aussie house-music wizard and a whole bunch of Russell and Carl samples and listen to the magic unfold. Just enchanting.

This scratchy, Saturday-morning TV ad for everyone’s favourite sinister plush may not be real but Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear sure as heck doesn’t seem to be having much fun. There’s even a Japanese version of this ingenious Pixar viral.

Fancy watching daillies with Brad Bird, playing fussball with Lee Unkrich and watching the greatest animation house in the world at work? Or just really, really like breakfast cereal? Here’s where to apply. Parking for Zeppelins on site.

Not just some of the best moviemakers in the world, but some of the nicest people too. Proof? Well, there's this. And Pete Doctor’s framable reply to a budding young filmmaker says it all. Happy birthday Pixar!