50 Movie Supercars You Could Own (But Probably Can't Afford)

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Fantasy movie cars are all very well - your Chitty Chitty Bang Bangs and your Benny the Cabs - but if you're a real movie enthusiast you probably want a film car you can actually own. Well, here's your lucky day! We've assembled 50 of the most ludicrously cool, ridiculously fast movie motors out there in one easy spot so you can plan your shopping list (once you win the lottery) and even highlighted the dangerous pitfalls to avoid in your ownership of each one...

Film: Fast Five

Price (approx.): $4.8m

Don’t try this at home: If you’re showing off your super-rare, ultra-flashy sports car to a partner in crime / sparring partner, don’t make the mistake that Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) makes with Tej (Ludacris) here when crowing over its uniqueness. Do your research: your buddy might also have one, loaded up with hotties of his own. Check the pressure on your ego, because it’ll deflate quickly if that happens.

Film: Need For Speed

Price (approx.): £866k

Don’t try this at home: When taking part in an illegal cross-country road race, try not to wreck one of the most sought-after, expensive cars in the world. Oh, and it's probably a bad idea to challenge Jesse from Breaking Bad to a race in the first place. That’s just common sense, bitch.

Film: Goldfinger

Price (approx.): £250-350k

Don’t try this at home: For the spy who needs everything at his fingertips while on the road, this British classic is the car you’re looking for (price of custom spy upgrades not included; quotations from MI6 on request). However, drivers should be aware it has a tendency to reboot without any special features, requiring its return to Q division. This can usually be repaired through a complicated process known as retconning.

Film: Le Mans

Price (approx.): $3m

Don’t try this at home: If you’re going to take a classic car, one that has actually raced in the competition you’re recreating, and someone suggests tearing the roof off to fit cameras, you should check that you’re Steve McQueen before continuing. If not, please do not attempt such vehicular sabotage as everyone will point and laugh at you.

Film: I Am Legend

Price (approx.): $40k

Don’t try this at home: The good news about the end of the world as we know it is that the streets are deserted and you can race around New York City like a boss. But please take elementary precautions with your car: if you’re going to bring your canine companion, make sure they’re house… er… car trained. Watch out for lurking Darkseekers and make sure you're home well before sunset.

Film: Wanted

Price (approx.): $70-80k

Don’t try this at home: Need to scoop up a nerdy bloke who doesn’t realize he’s destined to become a mystically super-powered assassin? The Dodge Viper is your vehicle, perfect for high-speed chases while you shoot bad guys with your spare hand between gear changes. Just be aware that the sort of crazy, inverted, leaning-out-of-the-window-with-two-guns-while-driving-with-your-thighs thing is best left to Angelina Jolie.

Film: Speed Racer

Price (approx.): $72-125k

Don’t try this at home: It’s probably best not to base your real-world driving plans on a neon-infused fever dream of a movie dragged from an anime. But if you must, make sure you’re stocked up on air freshener or you’ll never get the smell of chimp out of the upholstery.

Film: The Rock

Price (approx.): $40-60k

Don’t try this at home: Have to chase a long-imprisoned former MI6 agent on the run in San Francisco? This eye-catching Spider might just be the answer. It’ll handle the tight turns and speed runs, but be warned: it doesn’t do well when crushed by the flaming wreck of a cable car.

Film: Back To The Future

Price (approx.): Around £30k

Don’t try this at home: Amateur scientists looking to tinker with the laws of time travel! Why not have your continuum-crashing test subjects ride in style with this effortlessly cool gull-wing vehicle? The car may not have sold well on its original release, but adding a flux capacitor will make it this season's (and 1955's season, and 2015's) must-have. Just don’t rob Libyan terrorists to find the necessary materials.

Film: The Cannonball Run

Price (approx.): Around £120k

Don’t try this at home: If you are two beautiful women looking to use sex appeal as the main weapon in a cross-country race, this spectacular car and some revealing outfits will serve you well. Just a word of warning: remember that not all police officers are men, and some may be immune to your charms. Slinky cat suits and a sexy ride can only get you so far.

Film: Fast Five

Price (approx.): £128k

Don’t try this at home: If you’re confident that your car can win any road race in Rio, go ahead and put up the pink slip. But be careful if your opponent is someone called Dominic Toretto and/or looks a bit like Vin Diesel, who will beat you soundly and hand your vehicle over to hetero life-mate Brian O’Connor. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Film: Batman Begins

Price (approx.): £130k

Don’t try this at home: If you’re going out at night dressed as a bat, you clearly have issues already. But if you’re going to maintain your playboy cover identity, you'll need a non-Tumbler ride for non-vigilante occasions. Just please at least put blankets down when picking up soaking-wet supermodels. Oh, and since Murciélago means “bat “ in Spanish, you're not being as subtle as you think you are.

Film: The Spy Who Loved Me

Price (approx.): £10k

Don’t try this at home: While this car will give you the elan and breezy confidence of Roger Moore's James Bond (tropical suit sold separately) please be aware of one massive disclaimer: only a single example of the car has been modified to transform into a submarine. Driving a regular model into the sea will result in wet pants and a rusted crankshaft.

Film: Need For Speed

Price (approx.): $2.5m

Don’t try this at home: If you truly have to crash a car this lovely (and expensive), will you please – we’re begging you here – do what the filmmakers behind Need For Speed did and smash up a replica. Otherwise there will be tears before bedtime, especially from the insurers, and no more video games for you.

Film: Iron Man 2

Price (approx.): £125k

Don’t try this at home: This one is perfect for the Audi-enthusiast who has everything else, but who might need to carry home a large model of the Stark Expo, which can get a bit knocked about if you try to fly home with it in your armoured suit. It also comes in handy for valiant aides when they have to race to stop bad guys, or at least transport kick-ass women like Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff who will stop bad guys for you.

Film: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Price (approx.): $10.9 million

Don’t try this at home: If you buy and restore this car, beware. Soon it'll be your love, your life, your...fault you didn't lock the garage. Should you borrow someone else's model for a madcap day out in Chicago, for the love of all that's holy remember to carefully apply the brake when you’re trying your mad plan to reverse the odometer…

Film: Smokey And The Bandit

Price (approx.): $8k

Don’t try this at home: This is an ideal vehicle to serve as a “blocker” car, used to draw off law enforcement vehicles while your friend is transporting illegal cargo in a truck. Potential buyers should note that this vehicle requires a minimum of 17.5 on the chest-hair scale before the ignition will even start. A moustache is also necessary to get it to top speed.

Film: Death Race

Price (approx.): $20k

Don’t try this at home: When competing in a life-or-death (mostly death) competition against a group of prison psychopaths, it helps to have a vehicle modified with two M134s, smokescreen, napalm and oil slick for defence, as well as a 6-inch-thick (150 mm) detachable steel plate on the rear called "The Tombstone." Oh, and a cigarette lighter, which is a bit dangerous. Better check some of these modifications with the DVLA to make sure they're street-legal though, eh?

Film: Scent of A Woman

Price (approx.): £30k

Don’t try this at home: This is considered cheaper and therefore (relatively) less cool than other Ferrari models, which is probably best if you’re going to let a suicidal, blind, ex-solider test drive it. Still, if you do allow him a drive to cheer him up, best also fit a Hoo-Hah 500 filter to avoid embarrassment.

Film: Knight And Day

Price (approx.): $40k

Don’t try this at home: For once, we can recommend a car that really has had at least one careful owner – June Havens (Cameron Diaz). It has not been smashed up, crashed out or bashed in. All we ask is that you don’t use it in a movie with The Rock… Oh, wait, Faster? Sigh: prepare to fix it up a bit then.

Film: Fast Five

Price (approx.): $375k - $450k

Don’t try this at home: Motoring along in a car that costs between $375k and $450k? Please keep your eyes on the road, even if you do have the beautiful Gisele Harabo (Gal Gadot) slung across your lap. Traffic tickets still count if you were snogging, and at that price you really don't want to crash.

Film: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Price (approx.): £165k

Don’t try this at home: Those who want a smooth ride to a flashy party should be aware that this car will probably spend more time creating weapons for his Autobot colleagues than actually getting you there safely. On the bright side, he’s a model of German efficiency, despite being an alien.

Film: The Graduate

Price (approx.): £20k

Don’t try this at home: Nervy recent graduate returning from an East Coast college to your California roots? This might be the stylish and go-getter car for you. Downsides? You could face seduction attempts by your parents’ friends, a relationship with the daughter of same and the chance the radio could get stuck playing Simon & Garfunkel all day.

Film: Transformers

Price (approx.): $25k

Don’t try this at home: Those who are looking to buy a starter car for their teenage son might be attracted by this option, but do your research. Check with the dealer to make sure it isn’t secretly a robot from a planet of living machines disguised as a grubby old Camaro. Unless you want your child to spend much of his summer nearly getting killed while shouting “No, no, no, no, no!” a lot, in which case godspeed and this is the car for you.

Film: Need For Speed / Transformers 4

Price (approx.): $2.4m

Don’t try this at home: Caveat emptor! Before splashing out around millions on this one, please note that it has a tendency to race off in troubling road events and may even eventually turn into a giant robot with a yen for combat. You may wish to spend your money elsewhere - say on a private island or something.

Film: Avengers Assemble

Price (approx.): $110k

Don’t try this at home: This one is best suited to a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist who has just helped a super-powered group save the world from an alien invasion. Oh, and if you’re also looking to bond with your new scientist best mate, it’ll work well for that, the two of you speeding off into the sunset to talk about quarks and gamma rays and such.

Film: The Hangover

Price (approx.): $125k

Don’t try this at home: It’s all very well taking a shiny, beautifully maintained car out on a bachelor party run to Vegas. But don’t come crying to us if it gets absolutely ruined during one wild, not-so-memorable night and day. If you absolutely must risk it, please avoid Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong at all times the car is under your control, and on no account eat or drink anything provided by either.

Film: Swordfish

Price (approx.): £16k

Don’t try this at home: John Travolta and his wig are not things you necessarily want in your car in the first place, but that's especially true if you suddenly discover you’re being tailed. He’ll only go and race it around the streets, then make you take the wheel while firing two guns at your pursuers. That sort of thing can ruin the bodywork.

Film: Beverly Hills Cop II

Price (approx.): £30k

Don’t try this at home: We hope you have a lot of extra cash down the back of the sofa, because in addition to the considerable cost of this classic motor you’re going to need to commission a special Harold Faltermeyer score to blare from the stereo as you drive it. Simply using an established film track will not suffice unless your name is really Axel Foley.

Film: Casino Royale

Price (approx.): £150k

Don’t try this at home: Due to a production decision, this model leaves the showroom with only a hidden compartment containing a defibrillator. So endlessly pressing buttons expecting smoke to belch, rockets to fire or the ejector seat to activate will probably only result in the radio playing different stations. Basically, this is just a really swanky luxury car and hardly a tricked-out spy vehicle at all.

Film: The Fast And The Furious

Price (approx.): $50k

Don’t try this at home: When you discover that the new bloke looking to join your crew is an FBI plant, don’t overreact while at the wheel of the classic car that you’ve been afraid of all your life. Whoever you're racing, and however high the personal stakes, look out for semi trucks, because launching your car into the air to avoid them does nothing for its value.

Film: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Price (approx.): $250k

Don’t try this at home: Given how quick this car is to turn back into robot form, we wouldn’t advise anyone trying to drive it in case they end up as human jam squished within its whirring parts - but at least it's an Autobot so it won't intentionally kill you. Also, it has a quick temper, a blabbermouth and a tendency to pull to the left.

Film: Bullitt

Price (approx.): $40k

Don’t try this at home: With the right driver at the wheel, this little beauty can go like the clappers. It is particularly handy around the hilly streets of San Francisco when in pursuit of hired killers driving a Dodge Charger. However, please be aware that any users will pay a McQueen tax, and should be prepared for the sad reality that they'll never look quite that cool.

Film: Bad Boys

Price (approx.): $20-30k

Don’t try this at home: Tough enough to survive the rigours of Bayhem, this iconic dream car was good enough for Will Smith so it should be good enough for you. However, the idea that it can seriously beat a Cobra Roadster in a drag race is more movie magic than street smarts, so don't bet your car on it.

Film: Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Price (approx.): $50k

Don’t try this at home: The warning to keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times was never more urgent than when driving with Autobot warrior Sideswipe, who has a nasty habit of flinging his blades around. Sure, you’ll be the talk of the town for your sleek concept roadster, but you still need legs to walk when you get there.

Film: The Dark Knight

Price (approx.): $380k

Don’t try this at home: It’s all very well, if you’re a vigilante superhero, to make a mess of your main ride given that it was a military vehicle repurposed for your use in the first place. But crashing a car this beautiful just to make a point? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU? COULDN’T YOU HAVE HIRED A VOLVO?

Film: Gran Torino

Price (approx.): $30k

Don’t try this at home: The Gran Torino is the preferred car for grouchy, gun-toting, lawn-defending slightly racist war veterans. If living in a neighbourhood plagued by gang violence and crime, owners should be careful lest someone attempts to steal it, leading to unexpected bonding moments and ultimately a change in one's entire world view.

Film: Fast Five

Price (approx.): $25-45k

Don’t try this at home: Looking for a way to drag a giant bank vault around the streets of Rio? At speed? With the entire police department and The Rock on your tail? The 2012 model has the necessary torque, provided you have two of ‘em. But beware: while Chargers can apparently survive this insane idea, their windscreens are vulnerable to sustained gunfire. You might want to wear some sort of special hat.

Film: Bad Boys II

Price (approx.): £50k

Don’t try this at home: If you really need to chase villains, you could do worse than this sleek, modern take on a classic. It’ll weave around traffic like a dream and has all the power you’ll need to dodge cars sliding off the back of a speeding transporter and crashing towards you. But do not – DO NOT – let Martin Lawrence fire a gun while sitting in it.

Film: American Graffiti

Price (approx.): $50k

Don’t try this at home: One of the most recognizable movie cars in the world, this speedster is ideal for drag racing, provided you also have a friend with a 1955 Chevy to compete against. But please don’t let George Lucas hang off the side of the vehicle: it’ll play havoc with the weight distribution.

Film: Cruel Intentions

Price (approx.): £75k

Don’t try this at home: This is the ideal vehicle for spoiled little rich boys who like nothing more than to cruise around making everyone else feel bad. Please don’t be tempted to give the car away as part of a bet, but if you should win the car in such a competition, have it thoroughly detailed first. The stains… The stains…

Film: Starsky And Hutch

Price (approx.): $10k

Don’t try this at home: One for loud, by-the-book cops and their laidback new partners, this car requires genuine affection from its owner and a strict regime of maintenance. Drivers should take care not to drive it off piers, at least if there's any chance of missing the yacht they were attempting to land upon.

Film: Gone In 60 Seconds

Price (approx.): £150k

Don’t try this at home: If you look half as cool as Nic Cage behind the wheel of this car it will be a worthwhile purchase to up your credibility. Just make sure you also have Angelina Jolie around to block the cops at the important moments when you’re getting the car back. And also just generally, because she can only make you look cooler.

Film: The Glass House

Price (approx.): £220k

Don’t try this at home: Favoured by slightly creepy guardians and less-than-smart repo men, this beautiful car has one slight fault: it can’t survive being sideswiped by a massive truck. So if you’re looking for a car that will explode with style upon impact, look no further. If you’d rather live? Well… avoid trucks.

Film: Iron Man

Price (approx.): $1m

Don’t try this at home: An excellent addition to the collection of any car-obsessed rich person, this will provide years of joy and driving glory. Provided, of course, you don’t bleeding well land on it in a prototype flying suit of armour that doesn’t always work the way it should. Watch out for dummy robots with fire extinguishers, too

Film: Death Proof

Price (approx.): $15-20k

Don’t try this at home: Calling all freaky former stuntmen-turned-serial-killer types: have we got a deal for you! This baby is guaranteed to smash weaker vehicles off the road and provides plenty of space for murdering women while you're about it. Just be careful who you pick on, or you may get your just desserts.

Film: Danger Diabolik

Price (approx.): $80k

Don’t try this at home: For a couple of ultra-stylish super thieves, this has everything you could wish for: sleek lines, 1960s design and phallic symbolism. Just note that you’ll need to be a very good criminal to steal enough cash for two of the cars, because you can’t let your other half go without, now can you?

Film: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Price (approx.): $150k

Don’t try this at home: As a superspy, it’s your cinematic duty to “acquire” the best-looking vehicles possible to drive around in when escaping from / chasing international bad guys. And as Ethan Hunt can tell you, there are few better vehicles for roaring through massive dust storms than this nifty BMW. Just watch out for road barriers…

Film: The Dark Knight Rises

Price (approx.): $200k

Don’t try this at home: Showing up at a charity ball in a swank car is one thing. But getting distracted by some masked cat burglar and having her steal the car away by pretending to be your wife? That’s just careless. After that, the only way you're going to get your car back is to team up with her, maybe spark a little romance and sweep her away to Florence.

Film: Transformers 4

Price (approx.): £32k

Don’t try this at home: If you’re considering this nifty, race-inspired car for your personal collection, here’s an important safety consideration. If you see Michael Bay or a giant, walking robot that has just transformed from a truck anywhere near it, run like hell. This is not the car for you.