The 35 Greatest Movie-Related Viral Videos Of 2014

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This year, the movie-related viral video world has been dominated by a phenomenon known as the "Ice Bucket Challenge". If you fancy a trip down that particular memory lane, have a look at our worryingly comprehensive collection, but don't go looking for one in the feature you're currently reading. The following clips are entirely free of both ice and buckets - well, aside from Frozen, of course - and they're all the better for it. Your mission, dear reader, is to watch them all, then let us know which ones we missed so we can add them on the end. You can do it, soldier.

The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing With Will Smith

Best bit? It’s definitely not ‘The Twerk’, but it could well the ‘The Leg Thing No-One Can Do’.

Kevin Bacon's Footloose Entrance

Best bit? Kevin adjusting his bowtie. That, or the guy that definitely isn’t Kevin Bacon doing gymnastic stuff.

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Dance To ‘Bamboleo’

Best bit? Probably when they dance. Garfield’s hip wiggle is particularly impressive.

Australia’s The Lion King Cast Sings 'The Circle of Life' On A Plane

Best bit? The bemused looks on the non-cast members’ faces. And if you love this one, check out something similar on a train.

Fight Club Without Tyler Durden

Best bit? When Brad Pitt shows up.

Benedict Cumberbatch On Sesame Street

Best bit? Murray saying “Did you miss me?” over and over. Murray loves a good spoiler does Murray.

‘Let It Go’ Covered By Alex Boyé

Best bit? An armchair skating across an ice rink always gets our vote.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Playing Table Tennis In A Superbowl Commercial

Best bit? The llama named Lilly, as cared for by Don Cheadle.

‘This Is How We Roll’ With Halle Berry

Best bit? It’s got to be when they roll. Anything else would be silly.

Reese Witherspoon Shows Off Her Teleportation Powers

Best bit? The smile as she claps (0.17). It seems so genuine!

Air New Zealand’s Final Middle-earth Video

Best bit? Elijah Woodlet.

Brad Pitt On Between Two Ferns

Best bit? “I’ll be there for you…"

President Barack Obama On Between Two Ferns

Best bit? The idea of sending Hulk Hogan to Syria.

Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?

Best bit? “Everyone wants that sex with Paul Rudd!”

Lip Sync Battle With Paul Rudd

Best bit? The crotch thrusting.

Back To The Future’s Hoverboard Actually Becoming “A Real Thing”

Best bit? Tony Hawk raising the hoverboard aloft. No, wait, it’s when the board hovers. (For something more realistic, click here).

Lip Sync Battle With Emma Stone

Best bit? “Everybody’s hands go… UP!”

Nip Sync Battle With Terry Crews

Best bit? Is ‘The oil’ an acceptable answer?

Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' ‘Alphabet Aerobics’

Best bit? Absolutely bloody all of it.

Funny Face Off With Jude Law

Best bit? That really sudden tongue-dart one.

Benedict Cumberbatch Can’t Say Penguins

Best bit? Pointing out which film Benedict Cumberbatch was next lending his voice too.

Saturday Night Live’s Recreation Of ‘The Spider-Man Kiss’

Best bit? “Come to papa!”

Morgan Freeman On Helium

Best bit? “I’m never coming back.”

Jennifer Lawrence’s Box Of Lies

Best bit? “It’s a miniature horse on a bed of Flintstones vitamins.”

Bill Murray’s Life Advice For Groom

Best bit? Well, all of it, if only because it reminds you of the other awesomeness he’s been up to over the years.

Jennifer Aniston And Lisa Kudrow's Celebrity Curse Off

Best bit? "Get French on us!

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #6

Best bit? "#NoDisrespectToBenAffleck"

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #7

Best bit? "What the fuck is a dick turd?"

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #8

Best bit? Adam Sandler's reaction.

Epic Rap Battles: Ghostbusters Vs. Mythbusters

Best bit? Showing those dweebs how to rock a beret.

How It Should Have Ended: The Lego Movie

Best bit? Reminding the world that "Jello" is an adjective.

Honest Trailers: Frozen

Best bit? Ladies and gentlemen, Adele Dazeem!

If Frozen Was A Horror Movie

Best bit? That clock chime.

The Oscars Selfie

Best bit? Liza Minnelli. Always Liza Minnelli.

The Shia LaBeouf Musical By Rob Cantor

Best bit? The head masks.