2010's Greatest Movie-Related Viral Videos

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As we all know, if you need distracting, the internet is the place to be clicking around. Especially if you’re a film fan, because by God you’re not alone out here, not by a long chalk. In fact, there’s so much movie geekery circling around the video plughole that is YouTube, you’d be hard-pressed not to stumble into some sort of movie referencing Lolcat or the like every other second. So to cut the comedy wheat from the god-awful chaff, here’s our little collection of the funniest film-referencing viral videos that hit our computer monitors this year. Have any you’d like to suggest? Let us know on Twitter.

There are plenty of supercuts on this list, and that’s mainly because we love supercuts, but this is the best of them all, cutting together clips from (almost) every movie out this year in into this amazing 6-minute clip. A very impressive feat, Genrocks. Seriously, hats off.

Some actors are typecast, no matter what they do. There’s just no helping it, they’re stuck being the English bad guy / hulking action star / doddering old lady for all of their days. Then there’s Michael Cera – who seems to be doing the most amazing performance of… Michael Cera. Every time. There’s no beating him on that front – unless you go to The Michael Cera School Of Acting of course.

In case you were wondering, of course "You cock-juggling thunder ct!" is in there. Because it’s the best. Now go home and get your fkin’ shinebox. (P.S. Hat tip to HH1Edits for their sterling work here - and on page 24 and 25 of this list, as it happens.)

Wondering where The Karate Kid’s Ralph Macchio has been all these years? Well, he’s been busy being kind, gentle, polite, sweet, all that kind of nice stuff. But now he’s going to become a bad boy, for the sake of his career. See his amazing transformation here…

As right honourable British Brits from Britland, we don’t know anything about the American Sportball, but we gather it’s a lot like rugby, except worse, what? That said, though what we know about the game isn’t worth two shillings, we can see a decent homage to a few Hollywood directors from a mile off. Even if it uses footage of this puesdo-rugger nonsense. Shame, really.

Not only should all auditions be carried out this way, but all auditions should be carried out by Sir Ben Kingsley. For every role. Ever.

Are you aware of the trololololololololololo guy? Well just in case you’re not, here’s a link to the man in question doing his thing (that’ll be singing “trololololololololololo” a lot then). A game old bird, Christoph Waltz thought he’d get in on the memey trololololololololololo-ing action – which may well make you trolololololololololoLOL. Ahem.

WARNING: If you find the phrase “We’ve got company!” boring / annoying / a clear example of poor writing, then you may hate and/or love this supercut collection.

Sure, you might prefer the musical-ification (our word) of Total Recall, which features the similarly dulcet tones of “Arnold Schwarzenegger” singing the plot of the film, but we’ve gone for Commando, just because… just because. That’s why.

What are you about to watch, you wonder? You’re about to watch a video mash-up of AC/DC’s What Do You Do for Money Honey with the final scene from Dirty Dancing. Oh, and Baby is now Iron Man. Of course.

If you’re expecting anything other than Darth Vader and a number of accompanying stormtroopers dancing like MC Hammer, prepare to be very disappointed.

Supercuts are just super, aren’t they? This video’s victim is Ahnold, poking fun at his non-stop grunting and screaming and… moaning, almost. And it’s amazing. Seriously, it’s worryingly watchable.

Improv Everywhere have been doing sterling nerdy work for a good few years now – notably their reenactment of A New Hope on a New York Subway train – but this one is all about busting Ghosts. In a library. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

As regular Empire readers know, 2010 was the 25th anniversary of Back To The Future – a year that saw the trilogy come out on blu-ray, and the remastered movies hit cinemas once more. It will also be remembered as the year Michael J Fox reenacted the original BTTF trailer for the Scream Awards. Which was nice of him.

If you though Daniel Radcliffe didn’t have a sense of humour, you were wrong. Dead wrong.

As soon as the trailer for Jodie Foster’s The Beaver came out, we knew it wouldn’t be very long before someone took the audio from Mr. Gibson’s phone recordings and put it over the footage instead of the beavers’ voice. What we weren’t expecting… was Samuel L. Jackson to make an appearance.

Today in cliché-of-the-month club, the world’s least funny joke. What joke’s that? “I could tell you but I'd have to kill you…”

Here’s another supercut for you, this time the phrase “Blah blah blah” – not so much a cliché as something that some people sometimes say, but still, very nice spots here. Also, does it make anyone else think of Seinfeld’s “Yadda Yadda Yadda”? Okay, just us then.

There have been a couple of Between Two Ferns this year – including an ace turn from Steve Carrell – but this latest one is the one we’ve chosen for this list, you know, because it has Sean Penn in it. And it’s the latest one. If you want to see the rest, here’s our guide to all 10 so far from Will Ferrell’s Funny Or Die.

You put the phrase “You Look Like Shit, Man” in your movie script? Well, now it sounds like shit too. Damn.

Ever wondered what Inception would have been like if it had been set in the ‘50s? Us neither. Fortunately, someone else did wonder just that, and even made this video to prove it.

Whoever spotted that the meetings of both Neo and Morpheus, The Dude and Mr. Lebowski should be mashed up together deserves an internet medal. A big one.

It might be just that the idea of Bill And Ted reappearing on our cinema screens – and in Inception – got us a little excited, but this clever little trailer mash-up between Inception and B&T is inspired, dude. That’s right, it’s bodacious.

All together now… “HOOOOOOOOOOO… BOO HOO! I’m a vampire, I’m a vampire, I’m a vampire, I’m a vampire, I’m a vampire! BOLULLULLA!” And so on and forth. Definitive proof that no-one does crazy like Nic Cage does crazy.

There are a whole 10 minutes of prime Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes here. Do not click play unless you have the time to watch all 10 minutes’ worth. For one, Arnie would not be pleased, and two, you’d be hard pressed clicking away once you’ve started. What’s more, there’s a sequel to it - The Other 130 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes.

Ever been watching a horror movie only to not find a frightening evil person in the mirror? Scary shit, right?