The Fearless Hyena Review

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Shing Lung is trained in the art of King-Fu by his grandfather but ignores his grandfather's advice to be discrete about his talents and skills. Old enemies appear in their village and attack his grandfather, motivating the young man into revenge.


Jackie Chan’s second film as director halted the rot that was turning him into a second-rate Bruce Lee impersonator. While the story of a skilled ne’er-do-well perfecting his kung fu to avenge his grandfather’s death is clichéd, the numerous training routines and spectacular final showdown perfectly showcase his emerging talent for inventive choreography and infectious comedy routines. Aficionados will have fun spotting the in-jokes; the rest of us can marvel at Chan’s seemingly effortless style.

Previous releases, with appalling dubs and shoddy transfers, have sullied this early entry into Chan’s extensive catalogue, but this sparkling Ultra-Bit edition does it full justice.

Typical Jackie Chan inventiveness and flair.