Far And Away Review

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Joseph is a young Irish peasant facing ruin in his home country. He runs away to America with poor little rich girl Shannon. There, they hope to take advantage of the land that is apparently freely available to settlers - but things don't prove quite so easy.


Such is their seemingly constant tabloid coverage, it's hard to believe that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have actually only collaborated on three joint ventures to this day. And, though blatantly no Eyes Wide Shut, this second on-screen pairing for the Super-A couple remains a class apart from the dross that was Days Of Thunder.

Ron Howard directs the epic journey of snobbish society girl, Kidman, and farmer pugilist, Cruise, from Ireland to the stark reality of a new-found America.

If a touch melodramatic, and recounted for the most part in shameless Oirish accents, an assured swagger and solid storyline maintain momentum.