Fame Review

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The story of a group of students at the New York High School of Performing Arts.


Tripping onto the stage set by the likes of High School Musical, this 80s remake falls flat. It drops in on students at the NYC High School Of Performing Arts during auditions, classes, job offers – but rarely stays with each one long.

These little-known performers have musical talent, but less acting ability. Teachers Kelsey Grammer, Megan Mullally and Bebe Neuwirth really are showing them how it’s done.

Modern touches highlight the changes of the decades: rap music, celebrity magazines, mobile phones. But this is a watered-down, PG version: clichéd problems involve romantic misunderstandings and parents who prefer classical to hip-hop. Camp characters demurely refrain from mentioning their sexuality.

Most critically, only a couple of song-and-dance numbers make an impact. A musical should be an uplifting experience. This barely gets your feet tapping.

This so-so remake has a stab at addressing the trials and tribulations of stage school, but fails to uplift or involve like the original.