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North London secondary school teacher Robert Anderson (Schofield) finds himself with only his daughter for company after hours on the deserted grounds. Cue a group of faceless hoodies with a vendetta to fulfill.


Failing teacher Anderson (David Schofield) has a paranoid terror of youth crime, which turns out to be well-founded: faceless hoodies invade his school after hours to stalk and kill, and he has to protect his resentful daughter (Eliza Bennett), whom he has put in detention because it’s the only way she’ll spend time with him. This has roots in British realism but also essays the sort of teasing suspense of early John Carpenter, with inhuman menaces stalking darkened corridors and a creepy choral score. Writer-director Roberts has paid his dues in DVD dungeon fodder (Forest Of The Damned, When Evil Calls), and here graduates to the big screen with an assured scare machine that features a disturbing, unusual punchline.

Pulsing, paranoid and downright eerie, this is a hoodie thriller with proper scares John Carpenter would be proud of.