Extraterrestrial Review

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When April (Allen) heads to her parents' spacious bolthole in the sticks with boyfriend (Stroma) and mates in tow, she expects some relaxing time in the country. What she gets instead is an alien invasion.


In and around a relatively lavish cabin in the woods, some young folks — and value-for-money paranoid veteran Michael Ironside — are bothered by spindle-limbed, bulb-headed aliens from a crashed saucer. It’s a deliberately cliché-ridden B picture from The Vicious Brothers (aka Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz, of the Grave Encounters films) which includes a few Camcordered close encounters but isn’t a found-footage film. Instead, it nicely fills a drive-in-friendly widescreen frame with retro shocks that straddle the worlds of Steven Spielberg and George Romero with nods to the conspiracy business of The X-Files.

The exact midway point between Steven Spielberg and Ed Wood, this a cheerily obvious schlocker that will please B-movie purists.