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Six background artistes get into all manner of scrapes on a film set.


Challenging the myth that Poland is the dourest country in the world, this is less a socio-political critique than an Ealingesque comedy.

Hired by a Chinese film unit to provide a suitably glum backdrop to a story of a bartered bride, six extras prove anything but stereotypes - even though there’s nothing original about their subplots, whether it’s runaway father Bartosz Opania hoping to try again with crew member Kinga Preis or timids Malgorzata Buczkowska and Lukasz Simlat respectively shaking off their possessive sister and mother.

Michal Kwiecinski directs steadily, but his lampoons of artistic temperament, domestic ennui and casual racial prejudice might have been a little more barbed.

A steady, if stereotypical, effort.