Extraordinary Measures Review

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A man whose children are dying of a rare condition pays Harrison Ford's scientist to research how to save his kids' lives.


Extraordinary Measures begins with the CBS logo — it is the first offering from their new theatrical arm — as it really locates this sudsy medical drama in TV-movie-of-the-week territory.

Brendan Fraser is John Crowley, a man whose children are
dying of a rare muscular condition called Pompe Disease, who privately finances the work of revolutionary scientist Harrison Ford to save his kids’ lives.

Fraser and Ford huff and puff taking on corporate bigwigs and discussing enzymes, plus the film offers interesting glimpses into the shady world of pharmaceutical price wars, but the screenplay is pedestrian, finding little subtlety, complexity and, bizarrely, emotional wallop in a true story that would seem to offer tear-jerking/uplifting opportunities ad infinitum.

Soapy and unemotional, this makes a hash of an interesting true story.