Evil Review

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Young Erik is sent from his abusive and sadistic father, to an abusive and sadistic boarding school. Quiet and reserved, but not without a spine, he just wants to be left alone to graduate. The prefects have other ideas.


Evil’s plotline — a European youngster is beaten and abused in a sadistic institution — will for connoisseurs of trash bring to mind Pete Walker’s exploitation classic, House Of Whipcord.

The pretty face in this case, though, is male, namely model-turned-actor Andreas Wilson, who in an impressive performance plays an unruly teen abused by his sadistic pop and shipped off to a posh boarding school ruled by an equally nasty cadre of prefects, who like nothing better than hitting the other boys over the head with cutlery. One plus - it’s the only film this year where you’re going to see an Abercrombie & Fitch boy have a bucket of shit tipped over him.

Solid enough, its main flaw is a sense of restraint — it never quite ventures into the surreal darkness of the obviously comparable If…