Evil Woman Review

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Two losers attempt to 'save' their loser buddy Silverman from his bitch of a girlfriend.


Perhaps the most distressing thing about this desultory farce, in which two losers (Zahn and Black) attempt to 'save' their loser buddy (Biggs) from his bitch of a girlfriend (Peet), is the criminal waste of talent on display.

To see Steve Zahn and Jack Black (a mouthwatering combo if ever there was one) toiling to wring some comedic juice out of the dried-up prune of a script, becoming increasingly despondent and bewildered as they go, is like watching Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn reprising an episode of Terry And June. And if the best you can do when you're casting around for a smirking, post-ironic cameo is Neil Diamond, then you really are in trouble.

Released in the States with the title Saving Silverman, it failed to make its $22 million budget back at the box office. Don't let the name change fool you.

An unappealing scenario is soiled by the wacko violence, and when Neil Diamond saunters in for a postmodernist quip, all hope is abandoned.