Evil Dead Trap Review

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Nami hosts a late-night home video programme. She receives a tape that appears to be a real snuff film, and begins to investigate it. But as she and her team get closer to the truth, they become caught up in a nightmare.


Well, they sure donít make 'em like this anymore. Conceived at the tail-end of the '80s love affair with gore, Toshiharu Ikeda's slasher extravaganza is positively dripping with the stuff.

As violent as a Lucio Fulci and occasionally as stylish as an Argento, Ikeda wears his influences very much on his sleeve, even dabbling (largely unsuccessfully) with Cronenberg in a daft third reel. Still, the finale aside, this brutal, blood-drenched tale of a group of friends being picked off in a deserted warehouse is one cracking video nasty... a rare breed in today's anaemic release slate.

Not one for the faint of heart, this is an effective and bloody slasher let down only by its last act.

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