Evil Dead II Review

Image for Evil Dead II

Ash, the chisel-chinned survivor of the first film, returns to the cabin in the woods and unwisely plays a record of a reading from the Book of the Dead. This turns his girlfriend, Linda, into a zombified "deadite", and soon an evil force is after Ash and all around him as well, determined that he will be "dead by dawn".


Sam Raimi neatly dodges the law of diminishing returns that applies to sequels by simply remaking his seminal horror classic with a tad more moolah than the paltry $50,000 he raised for the first outing.

Hopping deftly from spoof to genuine gory terror, he cements his rep as one of the most inventive directors America has produced and delivers quite the best sequel set up in film history.

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The gaudily gory, virtuoso, hyper-kinetic horror sequel/remake uses every trick in the cinematic book, and confirms that Bruce Campbell and Raimi are gods.