Evil Aliens Review

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A cable TV crew travels to a remote island farming community off the north coast of Wales to investigate the claim of an individual who claims not only to have been abducted by aliens, but also impregnated by them. No sooner have they arrived than the abductees make a return visit...


This crass, cheap, splatter-movie comedy would like to remind you of Peter Jackson in his Bad Taste-Braindead period, but feels more like a Troma knock-off thrown together by some blokes down the pub. A cable TV crew led by Emily Booth joins inbred, Welsh-speaking psychotics to battle a band of Predator-style aliens.

Director Jake West tries anything for a laugh, but the endless parade of weak anal-probe gags is only occasionally enlivened by the odd inventive idea (a blinded sound man using his boom equipment as weaponry and survival tool). The would-be set-pieces feature a virginal UFO-spotting nerd seduced by an alien dominatrix, and a combine harvester massacre accompanied by The Wurzels’ greatest hit.

Gruesome schlock – but whether it’s beyond or beneath criticism is a matter of individual taste. It might play better after ten pints of cider, but so would most Guy Ritchie films.