Everything Put Together Review

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Radha Mitchell stars as the expectant mother who gives birth, but loses her baby to cot death. As she struggles to cope with her grief, her friends distance themselves from her.


The buzz around Monster's Ball resulted in a belated U.K. release for director Marc Forster's 2000 debut, Everything Put Together. But the reason the film did not find a distributor previously is not difficult to see, as it features no name actors, is unashamedly experimental, and tackles the dour subject of a mother (Radha Mitchell) trying to come to terms with the death of her new-born baby.

While Mitchell's performance is impressive, the film has little new to say and is let down by Forster's use of odd camera angles, speeded-up footage and rapid editing to convey emotion, instead of trusting his competent cast.

A typical first feature, lacking experience and with an overly adventurous spirit, yet it is ultimately a worthy failure.