An Ever Lasting Piece Review

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Finding the kind of quirky incident he usually mines from Baltimore, Barry Levinson’s joyful Belfast-set comedy-drama is chock-full of whimsical vignettes that create the feel of early Bill Forsyth. In telling its neatly simple tale of mental hospital barbers - Catholic Colm (McEvoy, also the screenwriter) and Protestant George (O’Byrne) - who band together to cover the untapped toupee market, Levinson roots the skewed humour in reality with a deft touch.

The relationship between the central pair is warmly drawn, there are some nice supporting turns - Friel is particularly effervescent as Colm’s resourceful girlfriend - and most of the comedy comes off a treat. It’s slight, but for the most part this is funny, winning and in its conclusion, quietly poignant.