Eurotrip Review

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Four all-American teens head out to Europe on a mission is to help the recently dumped Scotty to meet his allegedly gorgeous German pen-pal. En route, however, misadventure ensues.


If American Pie 2 had, as was once mooted, seen the gang touring Europe, we would have seen a film that's not a million xenophobic gags away from Eurotrip.

A foursome of all-American teens (including Buffy's Michelle Trachtenberg) invade our continent in this sexploits comedy, their mission to help the recently dumped Scotty (Melchlowicz) get his end away with a German pen pal. Like many of its ilk, this lacks both the wit and cheeky charm of the Pie franchise, subsisting instead on trite gags that dredge up every European stereotype from football thugs to French mimes.

It's not without charm, though, and is redeemed by some highly entertaining cameos from Vinnie Jones, Lucy Lawless, Smallville's Kristin Kreuk and an immensely amusing Matt Damon. Joanna Lumley also crops up, but is relegated to the subsequent outtakes – which, unfortunately, are one of the film's high points.

Boasting more European clichés than every episode of Eurotrash ever, this nevertheless is mildly amusing and has occasionally charming moments.