Escobar: Paradise Lost Review

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Naive surfer Nick (Hutcherson) washes up on the sun-soaked shores of Columbia where he falls for a beautiful local girl. But there's a major hitch. She's the niece of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar (Del Toro).


Drug dealer, ruthless killer, beloved folk hero, Columbian “King Of Cocaine” Pablo Escobar is a fascinating figure who has, with various long-in-development pics, frustrated filmmakers as much as he did the authorities in their attempts to pin him down. So kudos to actor-turned-first-time writer-director Andrea Di Stefano for actually making this film, though his decision to focus on Josh Hutcherson’s naive surf-bum instead of Del Toro’s mesmerising criminal is bewildering. It’s less about the loss of innocence than about the discovery of stupidity — god, he’s an idiot — and the unsurprising white-boy-abroad story is made all the more exasperating for having one of crime’s greatest characters so often out of frame.

Surprisingly forgettable considering its mesmering villain, although Del Toro sparks the movie into life with what screentime he does get.