Escape From LA Review

Image for Escape From LA

In the future LA is an island, seperated from the mainland by an earthquake, which is home to the unwanteds of the US. Until a man with a plan and a remote control turns up...


A monumentally misconceived sequel, Escape from L. A. is the huge, shonky blemish on the magnificent history of John Carpenter and Kurt Russell. With fatally clunky satire and none of Escape From New York’s seedy menace, the film utterly blunts Snake Plissken’s edge. Neat cameos — Steve Buscemi, Peter Fonda, Bruce Campbell — liven things up, but by the time Snake surfs cinema’s shoddiest CG wave, you’ll wish you had patches over both eyes.

Apart from a few good characters, this is really not up to scratch in most departments especially the ludicrous plot.