The Escape Clause Review

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A man finds out from a would be killer that his wife has paid $10,000 to have him killed. But is this mysterious man telling the truth? When both the killer and the wife turn up dead, everyone is a suspect, and the investigation takes an unexpected turn.


Andrew McCarthy is a successful insurance executive in this neatly constructed but occasionally ridiculous thriller, who's told by a hitman that his wife wants him dead and he's got to cough up $10,000 per day to stay alive.

When the hitman and spouse are both killed, the evidence points to McCarthy, who plays the role almost entirely with his brow furrowed. Lots of possible plot twists and suspects make this TV effort watchable enough.

Whereas McCarthy used to be the sensitive one in the John Hughes movies, he's chiselled out a niche for himself in the maverick, worn-down, man with an edge role.
Sadly he still acts the same in every movie but this works mildly better than other made for TV fare.

Some credit goes to the plot twists that keep it interesting.