Errance Review

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Lou is the put-upon wife of an alcoholic philanderer whose relationship with him continues to deteriorate after the birth of their son


Following his stunning debut, Le Souffle, French cinema’s enfant terrible Damien Odoul’s second film is an emotionally charged marital drama set in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

It concerns the turbulent relationship between errant husband Jacques (Magimel) and his long-suffering wife Lou (Casta) after the birth of their son.

Odoul creates whole worlds for his movies that are always very particular to him. While overwhelmingly successful in Le Souffle and the as-yet-unreleased After We’re Gone, here it is often a struggle to feel a proper emotional connection to Odoul’s characters.

Nevertheless, you cannot fail to admire the boldness of the director’s style and the completeness of his vision, as well as his audacious — and highly successful — decision to cast supermodel Casta in such a demanding role.

Stylish and bravely cast, this is highly emotional but without conjuring any deeper connection to the characters