Eros Review

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A three part, three directors drama revolving around the world of romance and erotica.


An intense slice of simmering romanticism, a playful plunge into noirish neurotica and a dismal exercise in seedy voyeurism are clumsily linked by smutty sketches in this hugely disappointing triptych.

Pedro Almodóvar clearly knew what he was doing when he quit, and 11th-hour recruit Steven Soderbergh deserves credit for making such an amusing fist of Equilibrium, while his moody monochrome (as ‘Peter Andrews’) is impressive. Equally striking is Christopher Doyle’s lensing of Wong Kar Wai’s The Hand, in which a touching Gong Li plays an ageing courtesan. But Michelangelo Antonioni’s awful The Dangerous Thread Of Things pitilessly parodies his once-modish existential chic.

Interesting misfires from Wong Kar-wai and Steven Soderbergh barely manage to atone for the seedy muddle concocted by eightysomething Michelangelo Antonioni, who mocks his own reputation for existential ellipsis with his voyeuristic vignette.