Ernest Goes To Jail Review

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Only Ernest P. Worrell could turn up for jury service and wind up in the slammer. When a crooked lawyer spots him and realises that he is a dead ringer for his crime-boss client, the switch is on...


Jim Varney’s childlike and very eccentric bank janitor ends up behind bars when he’s called for jury service after being switched for a lookalike master criminal.

A kind of Ernest Jekyll and Ernest Hyde with some funny lines (“I’ve been vandalised by Elvis,” says Varney coming back to his redecorated house) and jokey special effects action such as a runaway polisher with a tendency to zoom up to the ceiling and an electric chair which puts blue flashes into our hero and gives him near superhuman powers.

Kids will love it but adults may find it just too silly to sit through.

A little too immature up for the bgguns, but great fun for the nippers.