Enter The Dragon Review

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Lee is a member of a Shaolin temple, who is asked to attend a martial arts tournament to which he has been invited by a secretive millionaire, so that he can spy on a suspected drugs ring that the authorities believe is based there. Sadly, everything does not go smoothly, and Lee must use his ancient Shaolin talent for ass-whoopage.


A well of playground and popular myth, due to Bruce Lee's subsequent demise, his final film now resides in cinema history a few notches above where its quality level actually warrants – and while this showcases his legendary abilities, it is lacking by most traditional standards.

Not much more than a Hollywood attempt to muscle in on the Hong Kong kung-fu scene, it's a daft hybrid of martial arts, Our Man Flint and Bondian excess. Nonetheless, Lee is still a wonder to watch and there's a rich visual taste from director Robert Clouse (the mirror duel is sensational) which ensures it's still more than worthy of merit.

It's not a great film, but Lee's superhuman skills make it an occasionally jaw-dropping experience.