The End Review

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The End is a story never before been told of a group of men with a common bond. All born in the East End of London into poverty striving for a better life and all found that life in crime. Unashamed and unapologetic these men live their lives defined by a code of honor.


It’s wall-to-wall Cockney villainy in this grainy doc of East La’hn enforcers, prize-fighters and suave ex-cons. With names like Mickey Goldtooth and Victor Dark, they sound like they’re straight out of Guy Ritchie central casting, but talk with honesty, nostalgia and more than a glint of menace about real life in the violent underworld of Stepney, Mile End and Bow. Debut filmmaker Nicola Collins pulls few punches with this identity parade of rascals — no mean feat given one is her dad.

An identity parade of Cockney gangsters that offers little mythology-busting insight.