Eloge de L'Amour Review

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Multi-layered and fractured story about an author, the three couples of different ages whose lives he is examining and a woman that he met three years before…


Reprising all Jean-Luc Godard's trademark gimmicks and preoccupations, this is his best film in years.

It opens in a monochrome Paris that recalls the romanticised city of his New Wave classics. But an air of melancholy lingers now, as a digi-colour flashback chronicles a chance meeting between a filmmaker and the actress whose death jeopardises his latest project.

Exploring the various stages of love, the nature of heroism, the value of history and the potential of film, Godard bandies bon mots and maxims with glee, saving his especial ire for the USA's habit of appropriating cultures and repackaging them as its own.

Visually stunning and ceaselessly provocative, this is both challenging and essential.