Elfie Hopkins Review

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When local stoner Elfie Hopkins (Winstone) gets wind of strange goings-on in her village she sets to work getting to the bottom of things. Little does she know, the bottom will take her pretty deep...


Jaime Winstone plays detective in this odd hybrid of Gothic horror, teen drama and potboiler pastiche — at least, that appears to be what it’s aiming at. Winstone is Elfie Hopkins, a rural village stoner who smells a rat when a strange new family moves in next door. Soon locals are disappearing and Elfie and her clearly smitten best friend Dylan (Aneurin Barnard) vaguely investigate. There’s a decent support cast including Ray Winstone and Gwyneth Keyworth, who’s suitably creepy as the childlike girl next door. But Jaime feels miscast and the dialogue, direction and tone waver wildly before getting completely lost. There’s kitsch value in the themes and costumes, but any cult appeal is not likely to be the kind the film was seeking.

It's a bit of a mess that doesn't serve its decent cast well. Avoid like a stinky kipper.