Elephant Juice Review

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A group of twenty- and thirty-something friends in London fall in and out of love, and each other's beds, and have dinner parties.


Scripted by Amy Jenkins, writer of TV's This Life, Elephant Juice attempts to translate the former's provocative 'honesty' to the big screen. And fails.

Seven friends fall in and out of love (and bed) with each other, swear quite a lot and have dinner parties where they drink lots of posh wine and make profound declarations about Life. Along the way there's betrayal, despair, a suicide attempt - and even This Life veteran Nardini.

However, where This Life took time to flesh out its intolerably arrogant characters, revealing inch by inch the really quite nice individuals underneath, Elephant Juice races through cliché after cliché, presenting you with one-dimensional stereotypes you couldn't give a damn about.

The cast do their best, but the impression left is one of wasted opportunity.