Electric Dreams Review

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Young man finds himself in a love triangle with a girl and his computer after spilling champagne on it.


Less dated than you’d imagine (well, marginally), Steve Barron’s searing treatise on the dangers of knocking back Champagne near your keyboard — okay, love triangle with a man, woman and jealous computer brought to life by an unfortunate spillage — remains an endearing addition to the early ’80s canon, getting by thanks to its disarming sweetness and appealing performances from leads Virginia Madsen and Lenny von Dohlen. Barron — who directed a-ha’s groundbreaking Take On Me video — scores by playing a daft story totally straight, while sequences where computer Edgar plays along with Madsen’s cellist are still surprisingly exhilarating.

Absurd for sure, but if you don’t get carried away by that title track, you’ve no soul.

Dated of course, being typically 80s, but maintains a certain charm