Electra Glide In Blue Review

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A short-of-stature motorcycle cop finds himself finally promoted to homicide after the death of a local hermit.


This could easily be dismissed as some ’70s throwback curio, but James William Guercio’s film (regrettably his only feature as director) still resonates way beyond its much-lauded Monument Valley vistas and inspirational cinematography.

The story of a pint-sized motorcycle cop seizing his opportunity for advancement has been criticised as a right-leaning response to Easy Rider, and while certainly a product of its time — think of the perceived fascism of Dirty Harry — it remains one of the greatest treasures of the decade, combining achingly beautiful storytelling with a melancholy tone that utterly captivates.

Unfairly misjudged and ignored at the time of release, this certainly has that 70s flavour but the themes and sincerity have not dated.